RotoTrack™ Electro-Mechanical Level Sensor

RotoTrack sensors are ideal for high and low level sensing of granular and powder product in hopper or flat bottom, round and square bins and silos.

Applicable industries: Grain, Food, Cement, Plastics and others.

RotoTrack in Action

  • Best features in the industry.
  • Long Life due to “deactivating motor” design.
  • Field Adjustable sensitivity for easy installation.
  • Extremely Rugged design for uninterrupted service.
  • Integrates with Maxi-Tronic and industry standard displays.
  • Install without needing to enter the silo/bin
  • FM Approved Class II, Div 1

RotoTrack can be inserted in any orientation

NEW: Also see the new RadarTrack™ radar sensor for continuous level measurement